O.G.A for Aid projects for disaster recovery are “Comprehensive Approach” - We believe that the areas of Education, Economy, and Community need revitalization after a disaster or crisis strikes. All three are essential to long term, sustainable progress. We put a great deal of focus on anticipating the transition points, as it is these points that determine the scalability of the project.

Grandma’s Gift Box

Grandma's Gift Box

Through “Grandma’s Gift Box” which is a part of the Place to Grow program, O.G.A. for Aid is supporting the activities of “Nukumori-kobo”, that produces traditional processed food of Minami-sanrikucho, and trough the donation that we raised, we are holding workshops and outdoor events for the kids in the town.


For more details, Please visit COMMUNITY GIFT BOX Website :

Inspire 3.11
-Tohoku Awareness Campaign-


To fulfill our mission of bringing new energy and connection to the survivors of Tohoku, we are launching the “Inspire 3.11” awareness campaign, with a goal of collecting 31,100 card and online messages between October 2015 and December 2016.


For more details, Please visit Inspire 3.11 Campaign Website :

INSPIRE 3.11 Campaign

VISION - A world where survivors are inspired and connected at all stages of the recovery process.

MISSION - To improve the lives of disaster survivors and bring awareness to the challenges and issues they face.

Campaign Objectives

  • Draw Attention to the challenges survivors face in “Recovery” using digital storytelling and video to tell Survivors Stories.

  • Generate a social media buzz through the pay-it-forward stratagem - tagging friends to participate in sending online messages of hope and inspiration.

Campaign Goals

  • Register 1,000 volunteers
  • Collect 10,000 hours of volunteer time commitment to apply towards campaign programs in 2015-2017
  • Raise ¥10,000,000 to support 10 on-the-ground campaign programs in Tohoku and Nepal.

Tohoku Santa Soul Train

Tohoku Santa Soul Train

Santa Soul Train is one of the three major community events that O.G.A. for Aid implements in Tohoku. The 5th annual event took place Dec. 13-15, 2015 in 7 locations for 400 children throughout Tohoku.
The aim was to connect people from all over Japan with the children and communities of Tohoku to remind them that they are not forgotten and also give them the opportunity to connect with the children who are survivors of the Nepal earthquake (via Christmas cards).

Santa Soul Train 2015 Achievements

  • 400+ Guests Attended
  • 50+ Outside Volunteers Joined
  • 50+ Local Volunteers Joined
  • 971 Children Received a Card and a Gift
  • 2,500,000+ Yen was Raised in Funding and Equivalent Donations
  • Approximately 300 Hours of Volunteer Time was Undertaken
  • With Approximately 100 Hours Working Alongside Survivors
  • 400 Cards were Sent to Nepal
  • Many More Cards and Gifts were delivered to:
    Marine Pal (13), Teragai in Kesennuma (56), Kamome in Ishinomaki (49), Iriya Elementary School (90), Shizugawa Elementary School 3rd Graders (45), Shizugawa Elementary School 1st & 2nd Graders (67), Koriyama in Fukushima (21), Minamisoma Temporary Housing (70), Niranohama (25)


For a more detailed look at the event (including pictures and a video), please click here.

Thank you for your support!

2015 Sponcers

OGA Kids

Place to Grow


For children this “Place” provides an emotionally safe learning environment. It also provides local role models for children by introducing them to the older generations skills in agriculture. For parents it provides a livelihood. For the community it provides a platform where the two generations connect and knowledge is passed on to the younger.

Infrastructure support

  • Physical hub and office facilities for local agriculture businesses
  • Provides workshop and event facilities

Community support

  • Monitors MSR residents' needs and coordinates local events and activities
  • Facilitates volunteer connections
  • Offers art and agriculture classes and a series of generation connect events.

Livelihood support

  • Offers direct support to local residents, such as housewives and high school students, for part-time work opportunities
  • Coordinates interested parties and acts as a think tank for the creation of agriculture business.
  • Provides facilities, people and resources to test and launch new agriculture businesses
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